[NES Game] Captain Tsubasa Vol. II: Super Striker

Captain Tsubasa Volume II: Super Striker (キャプテン翼つばさ II スーパーストライカー, Kyaputen Tsubasa II: Sūpā Sutoraikā) is a continuation of the “Cinematic Soccer” series of games started on the Famicom. Released in 1990 by Tecmo this game is fairly similar to its predecessor but with some slight graphical improvements. It was also the last Tsubasa game to be released on the Family Computer with the series moving to the Super Famicom two years later.

Captain Tsubasa Vol. II: Super Striker
Captain Tsubasa Vol. II: Super Striker

Three years after winning the France World Cup for Japan, Tsubasa Oozora, moves to Brazil alongside his coach Roberto Hongo, in order to play with São Paulo F.C. Tsubasa intends to help São Paulo F.C. beat Flamengo and win the Brazilian National Tournament. At the first game of the tournament a Brazilian player named Carlos Santana watches Tsubasa as he plays. After Tsubasa wins the match, Carlos is astounded by his skill. Before the third match, Tsubasa encounters a goalkeeper named Claudio Meon, who challenges him to try score through him. Tsubasa attempts to score using his signature Drive Shot, but Meon managed to catch the ball. Tsubasa gets shocked that he caught the ball. In the third match Tsubasa again faces off against Meon, and after several shots caught by this goalkeeper Tsubasa starts to wonder if there is a way to score through Meon. He then figures it out, and develops a new Super Shot, dubbed the Drive Bicycle Kick, which works similarly to the Drive Shot, but is shot with a Bicycle Kick. He uses his new shot to score through Meon and it works. After Tsubasa beats Meon, Carlos is really amazed at Tsubasa’s skills. An unknown character shows up to tell Carlos that Flamengo can still win the Brazilian National Tournament and that he has the potential to become a “Super Striker”. Then the mysterious guy disappears. Carlos wonders who the mysterious figure was and what he meant by the term “Super Striker”. After defeating the other Brazilian clubs in the Rio Cup, Tsubasa finally makes it to the finals against Carlos’ Flamengo. Tsubasa wins the Rio Cup, and is then approached by Mr. Katagiri.

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