[PC Game] Sun Haven

Sun Haven is a farming-based life sim from Pixel Sprout Studios. It’s currently available in Steam‘s Early Access program and will release later on Switch.

The game’s been called Stardew Valley meets Dungeons and Dragons, but it seems like that’s more of a shorthand way of saying it’s a farming-based life sim with fantasy elements.

Sun Haven
Sun Haven

Sun Haven is a thriving trade town. Well, it was until recent years. Some strange events have led to the town struggling to be what it once was. While unraveling the mystery behind this and helping the town, you can be whoever you want to be – a farmer, a miner, a fisher, a warrior, a mage – the decision is yours. Your skills will grow with whatever path you choose, whether you’re raising crops and animals, engaging in RPG-style questlines, or even pursuing romantic relationships.
But don’t forget to take a break and gather your strength! Between quests, there will be plenty of time to relax and nurture your farm within Sun Haven. A small journey away from Sun Haven is the monster city Withergate. Rumors about this city are spooking travelers away from outlying roads– you’ve often heard mentions of strange creatures flocking to the city and bringing unusual technology with them. Now, you must decide if you will heed the rumors, or seek the truth yourself…