[NES Game] Robo Warrior

RoboWarrior, known in Japan as Bomber King (ボンバーキング, Bonbā Kingu), is an action puzzle video game developed by Hudson Soft, and co-developed by Aicom, making it their first NES game they worked on, and published by Jaleco for the Nintendo Entertainment System and the MSX.

While often cited as a Bomberman spin-off due to being made by Hudson and having some similar base mechanics and title, the game is actually informally part of the Blaster Master series. The original MetaFight, released in 1988, borrows gameplay mechanics, powerups, enemies, and bosses from Bomber King, and those elements persist all the way through into the most recent entries in the Blaster Master series. Additionally, Hudson had no involvement in Bomber King’s sequel, which was in turn localized in the West as part of the Blaster Master franchise.

Robo Warrior
Robo Warrior

RoboWarrior comprises five level formats and there are 27 levels in the game. In one, the player must obtain a key before the time limit expires. In another, the key is unavailable until the player acquires a crystal or chalice. Some levels are cast in darkness, rendering obstructions invisible unless the player has a lit lamp. Still other levels are mazes in which a player must find and blast-through weak points in walls to proceed. Periodically, a player engages a boss level. Multiple bombs are required to bomb certain unconventional areas. Robowarrior also features water stages. Enemies respawn in each stage allowing the player to stock up on bombs. ZED is controlled via an overhead viewpoint and the player can move him in four directions.

In 1991, Sunsoft published a sequel to Bomber King for Game Boy, titled Bomber King Scenario 2.

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