[PC Game] Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise is an action role-playing game developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The seventeenth main entry in the Tales series, it was originally planned to release in 2020 but was delayed to September 2021 due to internal quality issues and the ability to launch the game on more platforms. It’s also the first game of the series with a worldwide simultaneous launch.[2] The game follows a man and a woman from the opposing worlds of Dahna and Rena and their journey to end the Renans’ oppression of the Dahnan people.

Developed by a team composed of both series veterans and newcomers, the aim was to revitalize the Tales series. Minoru Iwamoto, one of several artists who worked on Tales of Zestiria and Tales of Berseria, returns as both character designer and art director. The game is built using Unreal Engine 4. Upon release, the game received generally favorable reviews.

Tales of Arise
Tales of Arise

Like previous games in the series, Tales of Arise is an action role-playing game, although its gameplay has gone through unspecified alterations as part of its development goals while retaining the basic Tales battle system, dubbed the Linear Motion Battle System. The game has a big focus on evading and countering, with Tales of Graces, a 2009 entry praised for its combat, cited as inspiration. Unlike many of the previous titles in the series, the game doesn’t feature multiplayer, with the development team deciding to focus on various interactions between characters in combat, including the addition of the “Boost Strike” feature, allowing multiple party members to perform destructive attacks together under certain conditions.

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